Saturday, February 7, 2009

Last night the U.S. Senate seemed to come to an agreement on the bailout. All week the buzz has been a trillion dollars, last night they proclaimed in joy " We have trimmed the pork laden bailout bill and saved the taxpayers 220 billion so we are only spending 780 billion " then the horsetraders ride off into the sunset as our budgetary cutting heroes.

Unfortunately the proverbial horse is out of the barn and most Americans think we want and need this insane bill and we will demand it.. Get ready for a largely expanded government and more intrusion in to our lives and finances.

Is this any different than the couple whose take home pay is $ 1000.00 per week unfortunately they spend $ 1200.00 per week and after a year the husband says " Honey we are in deep financial trouble and my new plan is to spend $ 1500.00 per week to get us out of trouble".
That is exactly what these politicians are doing, they do it in the complex way of politics and the collectivety of the masses so you do not feel like it is costing you anything but the result is exactly the same.

To avoid thinking about this absurdity I will make some jewelry today, maybe try a copper and turquoise piece. The challenge is to fashion the raw copper wire and sheet , combine it with turquoise nuggets and produce a desirable visually pleasing piece. After much doodling with pad and pencil, a little surfing the net maybe I can come up with something. There is so much to look at and trying to formulate something different that does not look hokey.

Maybe I will just enjoy the relatively balmy weather ( 40 F. ) and hope the creativity replaces the vacuum that has persisted for a while. Then again maybe I will finally unpack my totes from the December 13th show I did and doing so will afford me a stimulus plan for creating jewelry.

A special hello to all my Snow-bird and permanent resident friends in Florida, I think of you often especially on the below freezing days.


  1. Senator Kent Conrad, Chairman of the Budget Committee, was on Face the Nation this morning. Here's what he had to say about the new Bailout Bill:

    "In economic terms “stimulus is stimulus.” If you put more money into the economy, uh, to offset this falling demand … Remember what’s happening here. The economy is contracting. And consumers don’t have the money to put in to offset those losses. Companies don’t. The only one that does is the taxpayer of the United States. We are going to have to come forward and put up money to offset this falling demand."

    Who exactly does he think the "taxpayer of the United States" is???????

  2. OH. MY. GOD! Chairman of the WHAT? How do these people get these positions? Never mind, I know. Just exactly what is the difference between consumers and taxpayers?