Tuesday, February 10, 2009

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Second post today, The Senate has passed their version of the bail out and Secretary of the Treasury outlined the stimulus package today, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is Down almost 400 points or 5 %, guess businesses & investors don't like it.

President Obama held a town meeting at Ft. Myers, Florida this morning and fielded audience questions. Every one in the audience who spoke asked for money. Some for health care, some for the housing industry, one guy wanted his unemployment check totalling $ 1100.00 per month raised to $ 3000.00 per month which is the same amount of money he made while working. Fat chance of getting him back to work with unemploymeny of $ 3000.00.
One lady a city councillor there wanted money for roads and canals (at least she wasn't selfish).

I am glad I am not the President, I am afraid he has raised so much hope and promised so much there will be a Tsunami of backlash when these goodies are not delivered to all.
There was no mention of helping the people working and trying to survive who are going to have to pay for this stimulus.

Meanwhile congress is adding all kind of wishlist projects into this bill and all are quick to say they are not earmarks, this they say is economic stimulus. What I ask is the difference between stimulus and earmark, they both spend money in a congressmans district, they both increase the budget deficit, they both are really un-necessary they both will be paid for with your future earnings , the only difference is the earmarks are added to an otherwise unrelated bill and stimulus is included in the bill.

With all this euphoric spending by our politicians my only advice is " Hang on to your wallets".
The bright spot, Remember nothing lasts forever not even bad times.

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