Friday, February 13, 2009

Welcome to My Periodic Journal of Rants, Raves and Bits of Humor ( or how the world is seen and understood by me).

Today will be a short post after yesterday's long and incessant one, with an additional update if time allows through out the day.

We as a country have survived Depression, Recession, Wars, Famine, Pestilence and Natural Disasters and in every instance have emerged a better, stronger, wiser nation.
There is no reason to think that this economic down turn will be different, hard times come and go and this one will too.

This current situation will be well served if it gets us back to the basics that made this country great, Honesty, Integrity, Hard Work, Faith,Thriftiness and Compassion for our fellow citizens. The best thing anyone can do is to get their personal life in order follow the ideals above and if all of do this the country and the world will be fine.

I know it sounds corny and old fashioned, but let's put our nose to the grindstone, shoulders to the wheel and do our best to get our lives in order. It will help us as individuals, society as a whole and allow us to be beacons of light to the rest of the world who have looked to us for leadership in the past.

This experiment called America cannot and will not fail if we all take care of ourselves, put our lives in order, thus helping ourselves and at the same time we will be helping our country and fellow Americans.

Smarmy -- Yes but I firmly believe in this and if I can get one or more of you to think about it and do something then I have done one small thing for society and one giant thing for you.

Thanks for reading my Blog

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